Alternative Resources

Alternative Commute Resources

Beyond the commute options offered by Georgia Tech, additional resources offered by state and local organizations can be used to help you find the best way to commute to Georgia Tech.

Local Commute Resources

Commute Rewards

Georgia Commute Options rewards those who choose clean commute alternatives with cash and prizes. You can find out what rewards you are eligible for on the GCO Ways to Earn Cash page and then sign-up to begin earning rewards through the My GA Commute Options portal.

Guaranteed Ride Home

Georgia Commute Options provides members a guaranteed ride home  by Uber should any unexpected occurence interfere with their normal clean commute. To learn more about the GCO Guaranteed Ride Home program, please see the Georgia Commute Options website.

Personalized Route Planning

Midtown Transportation offers free, personalized route planning for Midtown commuters interested in finding a better way to travel to work. Whether it’s walking, biking, or taking transit, Midtown supports a variety of travel types. To learn more, visit the Midtown Transportation website.