Vendor/Contractor Parking Permits

Vendor/Contractor Parking Permits

A valid permit is required for vendors and contractors to park on campus. Parking and Transportation Services provides a variety of permits to meet the needs of each vendor and contractor, whether they park on campus daily or occasionally. You may find detailed information for each type of permit available for vendors and contractors along with pricing for the 2022-2023 year in the collapsible panels below.

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Current Availability & Parking Zones

Parking Permit Overview

Parking Permit Types

Vendor / Contractor Permit


  • Vendors and contractors may purchase this permit to visit the Institute frequently for business purposes.
  • Several parking options are available to meet the needs of vendors and contractors. These include:
    • Permits for gated parking zones
    • Permits for ungated parking zones
    • Temporary permits valid for only a set time
  • Annual Vendor/Contractor permits are provided on a moveable hangtag that may be shared by multiple vehicles/drivers of the vendor/contractor’s company (one vehicle at a time).
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly Vendor/Contractor permits are virtual. A physical hangtag will not be distributed. The vehicle’s license plate number will serve as the permit.


  • August 15 through August 14 of the following year
  • Vendor/contractor permits may only be purchased in person at the PTS office. The registration information for each vehicle must be provided upon purchase.


  • Single location permit pricing
    • $15 per daily permit
    • $45 per weekly permit
    • $115 per monthly permit
    • $865 per annual permit
  • Ungated zones and loading areas V01 permit pricing
    • $15 per daily permit
    • $45 per weekly permit
    • $130 per monthly permit
    • $1115 per annual permit
  • Gated/ungated zones and loading areas V02 permit pricing
    • $15 per daily permit
    • $45 per weekly permit
    • $155 per monthly permit
    • $1325 per annual permit

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Permit Payments

For more information about permit payments for vendors and contractors, please contact the PTS office via email or phone or visit the office in-person at 770 Spring Street, Atlanta, GA 30332.


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Returns / Refunds / Exchanges

Permits are issued and assigned in accordance with Georgia Tech’s academic year. Permits are pre-sold starting in April for the upcoming academic year.

Refundable permits may be returned for prorated refunds to the PTS office before March 31 each academic year. Permits returned after this date will not be refunded. Daily, weekly, and monthly Vendor/Contractor permits are nonrefundable.

Vendors and contractors may exchange their annual Vendor/Contractor permits for a different location by visiting the Customer Service Center at 770 Spring Street.

Vendors and contractors may also view the Availability page to determine what parking locations are currently available for sale or exchange.