Public Transit

Public Transit

Georgia Tech encourages students, faculty, and staff to use cleaner commutes by offering discounted monthly transit passes.

Transit Passes

Purchase via Monthly MARTA Pass Sales

Students and employees can purchase MARTA passes each month at the PTS customer service centerThese passes are available the last five business days through the second Friday of the past month at the PTS customer service center.

Student and Employee Monthly MARTA Pass Sales Dates
Month Pass is Valid Sales Dates
August 2022 July 25 through August 12
September 2022 August 25 through September 9
October 2022 September 23 through October 14
November 2022 October 25 through November 11
December 2022 November 22 through December 9


Purchase via Payroll Deduction

Employees are also eligible to purchase their transit pass via payroll deduction for MARTA, GRTA Xpress, CobbLinc, and Gwinnett County Transit.  Purchasing a transit pass through payroll deduction, or making a change to your payroll deduction,  is now made in OneUSG Connect. All changes must be made by the 4th of the month to take effect the following month.

  1. Sign into OneUSG Connect via Techworks.
  2. Click on the Voluntary Deductions tile.
  3. To start a new deduction, click on ‘Add Deduction’ and choose your transit provider (MARTA, Xpress, CobbLinc or Gwinnett County Transit).
  4. Enter deduction amount (if you’re paid biweekly put half the pass amount, as you will be deducted twice).
  5. Enter a Deduction Start Date of the 4th of the current month.  You don’t have to put an end date.  (To end a current deduction, enter a Stop Date of the 4th of the current month. This will ensure your pass is deactivated for the next month.)
  6. Click ‘Submit’.
  7. When PTS orders the passes from MARTA approximately two weeks prior to the pass month, you’ll receive an email stating when and where to pick up your Breeze card, which will be activated to start the 1st of the month.

Please email with any questions.

Transit Options

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MARTA Transit Logo

MARTA Bus and Rail

Georgia Tech is served by the Midtown and North Avenue stations on the Red and Gold lines. Tech’s Gold Stinger bus provides direct service to the Midtown Station. The Tech Square bus offers a stop within short walking distance to the North Avenue Station. Monthly passes can be used for both MARTA bus and rail service.

Student: $50 Monthly

Payroll Deduction: Faculty/Staff Only

Faculty/Staff: $57 Payroll Deduction | $67 Monthly

Monthly Passes

Monthly passes are available the last five business days through the second Friday of the pass month at the PTS customer service center. Sign up via OneUSG Connect by the 4th of the month prior to the pass month.

Xpress Transit Logo


The Georgia Regional Transportation Authority (GRTA) operates Xpress, a regional bus service that serves 12 counties in the metro Atlanta area. Xpress bus service is provided weekdays from 5:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Payroll Deduction: Faculty/Staff Only

Faculty/Staff: Green Zone: $70 | Blue Zone: $105

CobbLinc Transit Logo


CobbLinc (formerly Cobb Community Transit) provides express service from various destinations in Cobb County to midtown Atlanta.

Payroll Deduction: Faculty/Staff Only

Faculty/Staff: $105 Payroll Deduction

Gwinett County Transit Logo

Gwinnett County Transit

Gwinnett County Transit (GCT) provides express service from various destinations in Gwinnett County to Midtown Atlanta. Monthly fare rates are based on zones. Please visit the GCT website for update route, zone, and fare information.

Payroll Deduction: Faculty/Staff Only

Faculty/Staff: Zone 1: $110 Monthly | Zone 2: $160 Monthly