Visitor Parking Permits

Visitor Parking Permits

Parking and Transportation Services provides a variety of permits to meet the needs of each visitor, whether they park on campus daily or occasionally. You may find detailed information for each type of permit available for visitors along with pricing for the 2022-2023 year in the collapsible panels below.

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Visitor Parking Permit Overview

Visitor Parking Permit Types

Temporary Permit


  • This permit allows students, faculty, staff, department members, and visitors to park in ungated parking zones on a basis that matches their needs.
  • Daily permits are issued for one day and expire at 7 AM the following morning.
  • Weekend permits are issued for one weekend and permit parking from 5 PM on Friday through 7 AM on Monday.
  • Weekly permits are issued for one week and expire at 7 AM the morning after the same day of the following week.
  • Monthly permits are issued for one month and expire at 7 AM the morning after the same day of the following month.
  • Temporary permits are only valid for the locations and dates indicated on the permit.


  • This permit is available to Georgia Tech students, faculty, staff, department members, and visitors.
  • August 15 through August 14 of the following year.


  • $15 per daily permit.
  • $15 per weekend permit.
  • $35 per weekly permit.
  • $110 per monthly permit.
  • Temporary permits are non-refundable.

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Permit Payments

For more information about permit payments for visitors, please contact the PTS office via email or phone or visit the office in-person at 770 Spring Street, Atlanta, GA 30332.


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Returns / Refunds / Exchanges

Permits are issued and assigned in accordance with Georgia Tech’s academic year. Permits are pre-sold starting in April for the upcoming academic year.

Refundable permits may be returned for prorated refunds to the PTS office before March 31 each academic year. Permits returned after this date will not be refunded. SmartPark, Flex, Motorcycle, and Temporary permits are nonrefundable.

Visitors may exchange their applicable permits for a different location by filling out the Permit Return Request form and purchasing their desired permit in My Parking Account.

Visitors may also view the Availability page to determine what parking locations are currently available for sale or exchange.