Lost & Found

Georgia Tech and Groome Transportation have defined the process for handling lost and found items on the campus transit system.  The purpose of the process is to adhere to safety and provide customers with the knowledge of how to obtain their items.

Lost & Found Information

Lost & Found Procedures

Locate Your Item
  • Items found on the Stinger, Trolley, or NARA/TEP van will be held by Groome Transportation, Operations Manager, located at PTS, 828 W Peachtree Street, Atlanta.
  • Items found on the Stingerette will be held by Assistant PTS Operations Manager at PTS, 828 W Peachtree Street, Atlanta.
  • The following items will be taken to the Georgia Tech Police Department within one business day:
    1. Weapons, including knives, swords, guns, pepper spray.
    2. All cell phones.
    3. Laptops and electronics with an apparent value over $500.
    4. Jewelry such as rings, bracelets, watches and chains with an apparent value over $500.
  • Food and liquids will be immediately thrown out.
      Lost Buzzcards

      Lost BuzzCard owners will be notified to retrieve their BuzzCards at the PTS Office at 828 W Peachtree Street.  After 48 hours, BuzzCards will be taken to the BuzzCard Office.

      Lost Wallets/Purses

      Lost wallets/purses containing credit cards, driver’s license, passport and/or money will be held for 30 days in storage.  During this time an attempt will be made to contact the owner.  After 30 days all credit cards, licenses, etc. will be shredded.

      Lost Clothing

      Clothing (such as coats, shirts, shoes, hats, gloves) and other items (such as water bottles, umbrellas, etc.) under the $500 threshold will be stored for 30 days in storage.  After 30 days these items will be donated.

      Lost & Found Contact

      Parking and Transportation Dispatch